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Missoula Animal Control has sheltered 14,457 animals in the past 10 years!

  • 8,858 dogs
  • 5,517 cats
  • 385 rabbits, ferrets and birds

As a public animal shelter we work very hard to return lost pets to their correct owners and adopt those that are unclaimed to new homes. Since 2010, a total of 5,325 dogs and  624 cats were returned to their rightful owners. When owners could not be located, Missoula Animal Control facilitated the adoptions of 2,599 dogs and 3,268 cats into loving homes by the end of 2019.  

Missoula Animal Control is designated as a "No Kill" shelter. This classification is given to shelters with an average euthanasia rate of less than 10%. Missoula Animal Control has had an average of 1-3% annually over the past 10 years. Euthanasia is used as a last resort, primarily for health issues or if the animal is deemed a threat to public safety. In a few cases euthanasia may be court-ordered. 

Animal Control Officers responded to 34,489 calls in our community between 2010-2019. These calls range from stray dogs and dog bites, to pets left in hot cars and animal abuse.  We are responsible for spaying and neutering over 7000 animals to help reduce animal populations and prevent unwanted pets. We also administered  rabies vaccines and microchips at our low cost clinics. 

We proudly serve the citizens and animals of Missoula County. Thank you to all of those that volunteer their time and resources to the animals of Missoula County. 


Missoula Animal Control

Mission Statement

Missoula City-County Animal Control is dedicated to the protection and care of all domestic animals and the safety of the public. Through enforcement, education and sheltering, Missoula Animal Control strives to care for Missoula County's lost, injured, and abused animals.  


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday - 12 to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday - 12 to 4 p.m.
Sunday – Closed

We are located at 6700 Butler Creek Road, Missoula, MT 59808. Call us at 406-541-7387.