Land and Economic Development


The Land and Economic Development Department was created in 2021 to implement strategic initiatives that enhance economic growth throughout Missoula County as well as guide land development/redevelopment efforts for County properties. 




Andrew Hagemeier  Flanna McLarty
Land and Economic Development Director  Land and Economic Development Specialist


Major initiatives include:

  • Inventory and strategic plan for County-owned lands
  • Management of Targeted Economic Development Districts, Tax Increment Financing and Port Authority, with advisement from the Missoula Development Authority
  • Redevelopment of the Missoula County Fairgrounds
  • Exiting Missoula County from Missoula Development Park interests within the City of Missoula

 Coming in 2024:

  • Evaluation of the economic impact of Missoula County’s recreation assets and a fiscal analysis of the impact tourism has on property taxes Missoula County levies.


Development Districts

Missoula County has five development districts: the Bonner Mill TEDD, the Bonner West Log Yard TEDD, the Wye TEDDs, and the Missoula Development Park