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Missoula County's top priorities include providing many channels through which to contact county staff and learn about county services. Please let us know how we can best serve you.

Department or Division




 Auditor's Office David Wall  406-258-3526 
 Animal Control

Holli Hargrove 406-541-7387
 Clerk & Recorder/Treasurer  Tyler Gernant 406-258-4752
 Commissioners' Office

 Commissioners Strohmaier,
 Slotnick and Vero     
 Chief Administrative Officer
 Chris Lounsbury
 Chief Operating Officer Anne Hughes 406-258-4877
 Communications  Allison Franz 406-258-3161
 County Attorney  Kirsten Pabst 406-258-4737
 Community Justice Department  Shantelle Gaynor 406-258-4650
 District Court  Judges Deschamps, Halligan,
 Larson, Marks, Vannatta
 Clerk of Court Amy McGhee  406-258-4780
 Economic & Land Development     Emily Brock 406-258-3236
 Elections Office  Bradley Seaman 406-258-4751
 Facilities Management  Jason Hauser 406-258-4756
 Financial Services/Accounting  Andrew Czorny 406-258-4919
 Geographic Information  Systems  Mike Snook 406-258-3275
 Health Department  Damian Chase-Begay 406-258-3882
 Human Resources  Sara Richardson 406-258-3294
 Justice Court  Justices of the Peace Beal,  Holloway 406-258-3470
 Library  Slaven Lee 406-541-8864
Office of Emergency Management  Adriane Beck 406-258-3632 
Lands and Communities  Chet Crowser  406-258-4657
 Partnership Health Center  Lara Salazar 406-258-3360
 Public Works  Shane Stack 406-258-4818
 Public Works Road Division  Erik Dickson 406-258-3772
 Records Management  Keith Belcher 406-258-3475
 Risk & Benefits  Erica Grinde 406-523-4873
 Sheriff's Office  Jeremiah Petersen 406-258-4810
 Surveyor's Office  Steve Niday 406-258-4870
 Superintendent of Schools  Erin Lipkind 406-258-3349
 Technology  Ken Marshall 406-721-5700
 Weed and Extension  Jerry Marks  406-258-4200

Missoula County Courthouse

200 West Broadway
Missoula, MT 59802

The Missoula County Courthouse is located on the 200 block of West Broadway in downtown Missoula. Visit Google maps for driving directions. If you need wheelchair assistance, or have further questions, please call Missoula County at 406-721-5700. We're happy to help.



Missoula County Administration Building

199 West Pine St.
Missoula, MT 59802

406-258-4700 fax 

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed on all major holidays.

To locate the contact information for other departments, offices and agencies, visit our County Directory page.