Beginning Tuesday, January 2, 2024, the Clerk of District Court Office will be returning to normal hours of operation.

We look forward to serving you:

Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Clerk of Court staff is also available to assist you via phone at (406)258-4780 or by email at

Administrative Order - In Re: Continuing Operations of the Courts of the Fourth Judicial District - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 

COVID-19 Information and Updates - Clerk of Court & Judges

The District Court comprises the five District Court Judges and their respective Staff Attorneys, Standing Masters and Judicial Assistants. Each Judge also employs a Court Reporter. Although not court employees, the Clerk of District Court and staff work closely with the District Court.

The Fourth Judicial District periodically updates its local rules, Rules of Practice, Forms and Orders for the Montana Fourth Judicial District Court for Missoula and Mineral Counties.

District Court Judges & Standing Masters

The Fourth Judicial District is presided over by five District Court Judges elected for six-year terms and two Standing Masters. The Fourth Judicial District's jurisdiction includes the counties of Missoula and Mineral, the proportions of total filings for the two counties are as follows:

  • Missoula County: 97 percent. 
  • Mineral County: 3 percent. 

District Court Reporters

There are five Court Reporters for the Fourth Judicial District Court. As prescribed by law, they are required to attend all sittings of the Court and to take full stenographic notes or audio recordings of the testimony and proceedings.

The Court Reporters serve in all proceedings of the District Court Judges or are required to provide the services of a qualified replacement.

Judicial Assistants & Staff Attorneys

Each Judge employs a Staff Attorney (Law Clerk) who serves as a research and writing assistant to his or her Judge, among other duties. They are available to answer procedural questions you may have.

Each Judge also employs a Judicial Assistant who sees to the Judges' calendars, schedules, correspondence and everyday issues which arise in the operation of the Court.

Please note that Staff Attorneys, Judicial Assistants and Clerk of Court personnel are NOT able to provide the public with legal advice. We may be able to aid you with procedural questions.

Clerk of District Court

The Clerk of District Court is the keeper of all District Court Records. The many duties performed by the Clerk are mandated by the laws of the State of Montana.




If you need wheelchair assistance, please contact (406) 721-5700.