Jobs & Volunteer Opportunities

I want to . . . 

 see job openings at Missoula County.

 apply for a job at Missoula County.

 learn about becoming a Missoula County Election Judge.

 volunteer to serve on a board, committee, or commission.


Licenses, Registration & Permits

I want to . . . 

 register my vehicle.

 make an appointment to title my vehicle.

 apply for a marriage license.

 apply for a septic permit.

 apply for a well permit.

 apply for a building permit.

 apply for an electrical permit.

 apply for a plumbing permit.

 apply for a conditional use permit.

 apply for a sign permit.

 apply for a zoning compliance permit.


Natural Resources & Parks

I want to . . . 

 learn about the County's 90 parks.

 apply for matching grant funding for a park.

 learn about land stewardship.

 learn about the open space program.

 learn about the trails bond program.

 learn about Fort Missoula Regional Park.

 learn about the Missoula to Lolo Trail.

 learn about Milltown State Park.


Public Health

I want to . . . 

 learn about immunizations.

 learn about suicide prevention.

 review restaurant inspections.

 review other licensed establishment inspections.

 learn about nutrition.

 learn about child health.

 learn about infectious diseases.


Public Safety

I want to . . . 

 look at the daily crime/dispatch report.

 look at the jail roster.

 contact a crime victim advocate.

 learn about preventing sexual assault and violence.

 learn about DUI prevention.

 learn about orders of protection.


Rural Services

I want to . . . 

 learn about community councils.

 contact my community council.

 learn about Rural Special Improvement Districts.

 learn about the Seeley Sewer project.

 learn about the Missoula to Lolo trail project.

 learn about the County's dust abatement program.


Environmental Services 

I want to . . . 

 apply for a septic permit.

 apply for a well permit.

 check air quality.

 report an abandoned vehicle.

 report a spill.

 subdivide a property.

 apply for a wood stove permit

view current air quality


Home & Property

I want to . . . 

search my property's history.

locate surveys of my property.

pay my property taxes.

search the County's property information system.