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Septic system installers must be certified by the Health Department before they can install a system.

Certification requires an understanding of both state and local rules and standards.

If a system is not installed correctly, it can fail. Failing systems are an inconvenience for homeowners and can lead to people and pets being exposed to sewage. Sewage contains many organisms capable of causing disease, including bacteria, viruses and intestinal parasites. Septic Installer Certification ensures that systems are installed in a way that does not degrade drinking water, environmental quality and mitigates situations where people come in contact with sewage.

The septic installer exam will ask specific questions about Missoula County’s wastewater regulations. The test will be hard if it is taken without reading the study booklet. The test needs to be started before 2 pm. We can offer assistance for people who may have difficulty reading the exam.

Training Materials

On-Site Subsurface Wastewater Disposal: The Theory

State & Local Wastewater Rules:
Regulation 1 - MCCHD Health Code
Alternative Systems Manual
MT DEQ Circular 4

Testing Fees

$115 - new certification.

$75 - annual re-certification.