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The Risk and Benefits Office administers the Risk Management, Property and Casualty Insurance, Employee Benefits, Workers' Compensation and Flex Plan claims programs and plans. Our office also administers an employee wellness program and a county-wide Safety Committee, both specifically designed to support employees and reduce costs.

Risk Management provides loss control, safety consultation and insurance procurement, as well as property and liability claims handling and administration for self funded and insured coverage.
  • The Safety Committee is chaired by a Risk Management staff person and operates to provide a safe environment for employees of and visitors to Missoula County.
Employee Benefits administers medical, dental and vision self funded benefits and places life and long term disability insurance for Missoula County and affiliated agencies.
  • Wellness programs are funded by the Employee Benefits Plan as determined by the Wellness Committee chaired by a staff person from Employee Benefits.
Workers' Compensation Authority provides insurance to Missoula County and affiliated agencies as prescribed by law and as an authorized Montana self insurer.


Benefit Plan Documents & Fliers


PPO Providers 

At Missoula County Benefits, we are in network with many preferred providers.  The following is a current list, as of 6/11/2024 of preferred providers and preferred provider organizations.  We do our best to update this list on a regular basis; however, we recommend our members contact our office directly to verify eligibility and coverage, as this list does not guarantee coverage or payment due to the volatility of our provider network.


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Employee Benefits Advisory Committee
Meeting Notes 6/24/2020
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