Child Care Centers

Child care centers are facilities that provide regular care to 13 or more children. Centers must be licensed by the state and receive an annual inspection by our department. Inspections are unscheduled and occur within the 90-day window prior to the license renewal date. 

Food Service Licenses, Permits, and Registrations

A license, permit or registration is required to serve food or beverages to the public with few exceptions. Before a license, permit or registration is issued, an application must be submitted to our department for review. Changes in menu or equipment in existing licensed facilities also require review. 

Public Accommodation Licenses

Public accommodations, such as hotels, tourist homes, and bed and breakfasts provide lodging to the public. These facilities need to be licensed to operate. Before a license is issued, an application must be submitted to our department for review. Existing facilities that remodel or change ownership also require review.

Pool & Spa Licenses

Pools and spas that are open to the public must be reviewed and licensed. This includes pools and spas at health clubs, apartment complexes, public accommodations and water parks.

Tattoos & Body Art

Trailer Court & Campground Licenses

Trailer courts are required to by licensed by the Montana Department of Health and Human Services (DPHHS).  "Trailer Court" means a parcel of land upon which two or more spaces are available to the public and designated for occupancy by trailers or mobile homes for use as residences. MCA 50-552-101.7(a)