Commissioners' Ordinances and Resolutions

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Click the link above to search all commissioners' resolutions from the 1950's through the current year. Other resolutions and ordinances are sorted below for ease of access. If you have trouble finding a particular resolution, call 406-258-4877.



2024: Zoning Regulations-Amendment

2023: School Mills

2023: Open Space Bonds: Marshall Mountain Park

2023: Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Adoption

2023: Zoning Regulations-Amendment

2022: Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Adoption 

2022: Zoning Regulations

2022: Missoula County Behavioral Health System: Charting a Path Forward

2022: Missoula County's Housing Action Plan: Breaking Ground 

2021: JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) Resolution

2021:  Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Adoption

2021: 3% Marijuana Excise Tax 

2021:  Zoning regulations for cryptocurrency mining

2019:  100% Clean Electricity by 2030 Resolution

2019: Carbon Neutrality by 2035 Resolution

2018: Resolution establishing and supporting the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC)

2016: Right to Farm, Ranch and Practice Forestry



2022:  Ordinance re-adopting Missoula City-County Health Code and related feed by reference

Provisional Adoption          |          Final Adoption

2022:  Amended ordinance to control community decay 

2022:   First amended ordinance adopting Missoula City-County Health Code and related feed by reference 

Provisional Adoption          |          Final Adoption

2021:   Adopting Missoula City-County Health Code by Reference 

Provisional Adoption          |          Final Adoption

2021: Emergency Ordinance Adopting Missoula City-County Health Code by Reference

2020: Creating the WYE Targeted Economic Development District 

2018: Prohibiting the Carrying of Weapons, Firearms and Explosives in Certain County Owned Buildings and Property

2018: Establishing Authority to Levy Assessments to Pay Costs of Missoula County Fairgrounds Special District

2018: Smoking Ordinance

2018: Animal Control Ordinance

2017: Establishing Speed Limits on Mullan Road West of Frenchtown

2014: Creating the Bonner West Log Yard Targeted Economic Development District

2013: Establishing the Bonner Mill Tax Increment Financing Industrial District

2011: Modifying the boundaries of the Missoula County Airport Tax Increment Financing Industrial District

2010: Maximum Speed Limit on Big Flat Road

2005: Establishing and Creating the Tax Increment Technology Infrastructure District

1994: Concurrence with the Missoula City Council's Enactment of the Missoula Valley Aquifer Protection Ordinance

1991: Establishing a Tax Increment Financing Industrial District

1990: Ordinance to Control Community Decay



Speed Limits

2022: Kona Ranch Road 

2021: Clinton Elementary School

2018: Swan Valley School

2017: Mullan Road

2016: Seeley Swan High School

2014: Frenchtown Elementary School

2014: Clinton Elementary School

2010: Big Flat Road

2009: Upper Miller Creek

1998: Bonner School

1989: Sawmill Gulch Road



2022: Rimel Road 

2022: North Avenue, East of 29th Avenue 

2022: Tower Street

2020: Tamarack and Juniper Drive

2020: Desmet Road, Expressway Boulevard and Interstate Place

2019: Sommers Street and Michigan Avenue

2019: Sawmill Gulch Road

2019: McCauley Lane (McCauley Acres 2 Subdivision)

2019: Technology Court (Missoula Development Park, Phase 5B)

2016: Kona Ranch Road and Sandalwood Court

2016: MacArthur Drive (West Pointe Subdivision)

2015: Megan Drive (Houle Meadows Subdivision)

2014: Discovery Way, Connor Court, Utah Avenue and Judi Drive (Hidden Trail Subdivision)

2011: Maclay Bridge

2009: Pine Drive

2008: Oral Zumult Way and Inclination Way (Rodeo Ranchettes Subdivision)

2006: Johnsrud Park Road

2005: Deer Creek Ridge Road       

2001: Sunset Hill Road

1999: Maclay Bridge

1998: Ridgeway, Coulter Pine Street and Pinyon Way (Ponderosa Heights Subdivision)

1990: Maclay Bridge

1990: Maclay Bridge


Towing of vehicles in restricting parking areas 

2016: Maclay Bridge, Kona Ranch Road and Sandalwood Court


Having trouble finding a resolution? Call the commissioners' office 406-258-4877 for assistance.